The New And Improved K9 Advantix From Bayer

The New And Improved K9 Advantix From Bayer

The new and improved K9 Advantix 2 is a canine health product by Bayer, and one whose time has finally come, at least in the minds of caring dog owners. Prior to the emergence of this godsend for repelling and killing fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and lice in dogs, there was regular K9 Advantix. However K9 Advantix II is the latest innovation and is considered even more effective. That is because the original Advantix formula has been given a major boost, enabling it to do much more to eradicate parasites in dogs. The new and improved formula may offer some of the most comprehensive protection available among flea preventive treatments.

K9 Advantix 2 Adds IGR’s To Provide More Widespread Protection

While the original topical K9 Advantix was also effective for killing fleas, ticks, and other canine pests, this improved and updated version attacks fleas and ticks at all life stages, with the addition of IGR’s, insect growth regulators. Moreover, the proven widespread protection provided by the original K9 Advantix ingredients, imidacloprid and permethrin,  is still present. Thus K9 Advantix remedies continue to consistently outperform other dog relief products, combating even more parasite types: fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, also biting flies.

Perhaps best of all, however, is that K9 Advantix II, just as regular K9 Advantix, does not require a prescription and comes in a handy tube for topical application. Tubes are color coordinated, red, green, blue, or teal, depending upon the weight category of the dog. Beginning with the very smallest dogs below 10 pounds, small breeds in the 11-20 pound range, or medium and larger canines ranging from 21-55 pounds and over 55 pounds, respectively, dog owners can easily find the right dosage for their pet’s monthly maintenance needs.

The new K9 Advantix 2 has a further advantage over the original, too; its 5-way repel and kill system now prevents flea eggs and immature flea forms from developing further into adults, while continuing to kill mature fleas to break their life cycles. Packaged tubes may be conveniently purchased to control dog parasites for 4-, 6-, or 12-month periods, one tube per month. Another significant reason to treat dogs with Advantix 2 is that it kills and repels mosquitoes, known to carry both dangerous heartworm disease and West Nile virus. As treatment contributes to prevention, it is a measure not to be taken lightly by those who value their pets’ lives. Thus, while mosquito pests might not seem like as much of a nuisance to dogs as biting, jumping fleas are, they can still pose serious health threats. The same is true for clinging ticks, which may carry Lyme disease. With  K9 Advantix 2, ticks are often killed or repelled before they even get a chance to attach to the dog’s skin.

K9 Advantix II Acts Fasts To Kill And Repel Parasites

Notably fast-acting for dogs in preventing the terrible itching and biting promoted by advanced flea and tick activity, it is impressive that fleas are killed within 12 hours and their eggs and young are prevented from developing further. Only one dose is needed for repelling them up to a month, thereby preventing further infestations. Also remarkably adept at repelling biting flies and killing irritating lice, this hard working treatment is easy to apply, remaining effective even after a pet is bathed or goes for a swim.

Administer it to a standing dog by parting the fur or hair at the shoulder blades, then evenly and directly apply the product to the skin in two to three spots along the back, and the tube’s contents will begin to do their work. Correct application and thorough emptying of the entire appropriately sized tube, per pet weight, assures a reliable no-hassle way to keep dogs happily parasite-free. Easy to order by simply looking up a discount pet meds seller online. Right now, the best deal I know of on K9 Advantix II is at PETCO.

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